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Sydney music teacher and musician Darryl started Fast Track Piano in 2007 when he created his first youtube video lesson of the Christmas carol 'Silent Night'. It has now almost a million hits.

Darryl teaches students of all ages and experience in his recording studio on top of his home. His philosophy is music playing should be fun and ...it's never too late to learn!

He has created nearly one thousand videos to help novice musicians learn piano. Many are available for free and others for a small payment on this website.


Needless to say this has taken countless hours of energy, dedication and expertise to put all these videos together and make them available for the public to enjoy.

Check out the SONG SHOP page and you will see over one hundred classic songs to learn. If you subscribe to FAST TRACK PIANO you will get your first lesson for free. By the way, it doesn't cost anything to subscribe.

So what do you get when you purchase a lesson? You get both the sheet music to print out and a video lesson that you can play over and over to learn the piece. You simply pay through the Paypal button, but you must remember to hit the RETURN TO SELLER'S WEBSITE on your Paypal receipt to receive your link.

Please understand this is not a huge internet company, just Darryl and friend Pat who helps out. If you don't get what you want immediately because of some internet glitch or misunderstanding be assured help is on it's way.


Enjoy looking around FAST TRACK PIANO and If you'd like a private lesson on Skype just let Darryl know. Email here

Happy playing!


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"I've learned more on this website everyday for the past 3 months then I learned in 3 years of private piano lessons" 

Jackson Mon   Boston, USA

"You are an amazing teacher" 

Stephen McKibben Belfast, Northern Ireland

"Darryl, you're awesome. I learn a lot from your lessons. Good humor, practical approach. You just inspire me to keep practising! That's what its all about for a beginner." 

Brent Dirk