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Practise Tips


Learning any new skill requires patient, persistent practise with a plan


Here are a few tips

Make a plan - eg "Today I shall work on the first four bars of my new piece".


Short bursts of practise are better than hours of overplaying

When you're having trouble - remember these two words, SLOW DOWN

Play the right hand slowly, then the left hand, then both hands ...slowly.


Add a bar or two each day. Everest is not a day trip.


If you can do a section three times in a row correctly you are starting to learn it.


Don't practise when you're tired.

Your routine might be:

1 - enjoy playing a known song 

2 - practise the hard bits of your new song

3 - play another fun song to finish

Isolate the difficult section of a piece and concentrate on it.

Private Lessons


Private lessons are great because you can ask Darryl to teach you exactly what you wish to learn rather than scrolling through thousands of online pages. 


Why not try one Zoom lesson with him to see if you like it? Lessons are $60 AUD for 1/2 hr or $120 AUD for an hour. Payment can be made using the yellow DONATE above on the right hand side.

For a good setup place your ipad or laptop on the music stand of your piano. 


Email Darryl below and have a chat about your needs.


Click the Zoom logo to log in to your online lessons.

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